Brown Adirondack Chairs

Donny Beilner; owner of Dream Garden Woodworks

Donny Beilner builds and lives his life going all the way! 110% I don’t know how he builds so many things during weekends and his “spare” time. These 4 Adirondacks were a labor of love. There are many details.

building Adirondack chairs

Adirondack Chairs

Ta-da! all done! Building 4 Adirondacks is no easy feat!

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Rustic Outdoor Dining Table

rustic outdoor dining table

This pretty table came together with assorted barnwood and is large enough for 8 – 10 people. It is lightly stained to bring all the “woods” together. It could also be in indoor table.

Children's Tea Party

We hosted a Hazelwood Forest Children’s Tea Party in our backyard with Author and Illustrator Sarah Hartsig celebrating her new book, “A Party for Pepper”!

bird's eye view rustic dining table

This view shows off the pretty brown tabletop. Simply Lovely Styled Photography AKA Melanie Beilner AKA Country Cottage Living.

country living outdoor dining rustic table

Donny and family share corn on the cob at our new rustic table. Isn’t the design divine?!

Rustic Repurposed Hutch

rustic hutch

When we moved into our current little home it was lacking some cupboard space in the small kitchen. I had lots of pretty extra dishes I needed a hutch for and some extra cabinets were on my wish list. I begged my hubby for the old cabinets you see on the bottom (found at the local RE store). And Donny AKA Dream Garden Woodworks built the counter top and the hutch top. It is big, heavy and oh so perfect!


I was going to paint and stain it but haven’t gotten around to it and it really looks great as is! Simply Lovely Styled Photography.

DGW Living Room Furniture

barnwood sofa table

Above, this petite sofa table could be used anywhere; in the mud room, the porch, etc.

Country Cottage Homespun Living Room

This Homespun Living Room includes DGW made Entertainment Center rustic pull boxes, petite coffee table, rustic end tables, framed Farm poster and a rustic shelf. Styled by Melanie Beilner AKA Country Cottage Living and Piepereit Photography, Annetta Bosakova Photography.

Homespun Country Cottage Christmas

This Homespun Country Cottage Christmas Living Room includes the above mentioned DGW furniture. Styling again by Melanie and Annetta Bosakova Photography.

Christmas Tree on end table